Personal History

From the very first day I emerged from my mother's womb at a weight of eleven pounds ten ounces, I have been a big kid. My older sister always jokes that I'm her 'little' brother when introducing me to people and it always gets a laugh because I tower over her at 6'4". I was always the tallest kid in my class, growing up, and had the unfortunate distinguishable trait of also being the fattest person in class.

Even as a kid, I stuffed my face

The problem was that I always liked eating food. I was that kid who always asked for my friends' leftovers at the lunch table, who always had a snack when I got home from school that was the size of a meal, who always snuck an extra cookie or three when my mom gave me permission to have two. I didn't understand the concept of having food to take home after dining out and I thought the whole point of a buffet was to eat until you were in pain and had to spend the remainder of the day on bed rest.

Because of the way I was, I was the butt of a lot of jokes. On more than one occasion I was told I needed a bra. Kids would tease me relentlessly because kids are mean. Food then became a source of comfort. After a hard day, I would eat because for some twisted reason it made me feel better. Talk about scumbag brain.

By the time elementary school was over, I was in the low 200s range. Myself and my peers had grown up and people started to not care about my size or my breasts, but habits had become ingrained into my every day life. Food was constantly present and I constantly ate it. I also became convinced that things would revert back to my elementary school days and one day everyone would start to make fun of me again.

I tell you this not because I'm trying to make my life seem awful or to make you feel bad for me, but because I just want people to know what it was like. I can say with much confidence that life is much better now than it was back then, but at the time it was very difficult. Some times it still is. 

Up until July of 2012 I would routinely order and consume an entire pizza from Domino's or an entire pint of Ben & Jerry's. Once I ate two in one sitting. Try not to be impressed because deep down it was quite a disgusting amount of ice cream and I felt super sick afterwards.

But that was my life then. My life now consists of trying and occasionally failing to resist the temptation to overeat, to make a conscious decision to exercise and not be lazy, and to still have a ton of fun with friends who mean the world to me. I'm not fixed, I'm a work in progress. Cheesy and corny? Yes. Any less true? Not at all.

There's the slightly abridged version of my life so far. Hopefully it was amusing to you. Onward towards the goal.

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